Price Guide

Everything at Big Sister is priced based on a variety of factors such as time, materials, condition, and so much more.

  • Vintage

    These pieces are sourced locally and regionally, curated by Big Sister Studio. They have been restored with careful cleaning, but no major changes or alterations have been made to the pieces' original forms.

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  • Upcycled

    These garments have been transformed from their original form. Changes may include deconstruction, dyeing, altering, changing features such as buttons, thread color and hem lines. Sometimes this involves completely changing the original pattern.

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  • New

    These garments are made completely from scratch using raw yardage fabric. All cutting and sewing are completed in-house using original or augmented patterns. Every stitch and every button is done at the Big Sister Studio workshop.

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Maker + Collector

Brandy Lee, the founder and creative behind Big Sister Studio, carefully curates a playful collection of vintage, upcycled, and new garments. Through her diverse product offerings, she emphasizes the multi-faceted approach necessary for the future of fashion.

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